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Low Density Polyethylene [LDPE]


Polyethylene & polypropylene are members of the polyolefine family of thermoplastics. The various grades of these materials have similar properties. Compared to other types of thermoplastic they all have low densities and negligible water absorption. Polyolefines have very good resistance to chemicals, this means whilst ideal for manufacturing tanks, tubs and baths they are practically impossible to solvent bond or glue. Engineering & Design Plastics offer a fabrication service in polypropylene and HD-PE300 by hot air welding the parts together.

Low Density Polyetylene [LDPE] is easily cut, formed, vac-formed and fabricated. It has high impact strength, low coefficient of friction and is flexible with a soft surface. This makes LDPE very versatile and is used extensively in the food and drink industry, clothing/leisure and the packaging industry.


Natural Extruded sheet 1.5mm - 9mm

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