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Quadrant EPP brand their Nylon products ERTALON®

ERTALON® LFX - Colour Green

ERTALON® LFX is an internally lubricated cast nylon 6, which is self-lubricating in the real meaning of the word. ERTALON® LFX, specifically developed for unlubricated, highly loaded and slow moving parts applications, yields a considerable enlargement of application opportunities compared to standard cast nylons. Comparative bearing tests on steel mating surfaces have shown that ERTALON® LFX outlasts conventional cast nylon on wear resistance by a factor which can be as high as 10 and the coefficient of friction is reduced by 50% or more which considerably increases the pressure-velocity capabilities.

In generally for bearings / bearing surfaces ERTALON® LFX is more suited to high load / low speed applications, NYLATRON® GSM (cast Nylon 6 + MOS2) is a good "all rounder", while NYLATRON® NSM is suitable for applications requiring higher speed but lower loads.

ERTALON LFX  Material data sheet ERTALON LFX  Safety data sheet


  • Rod Ř 50mm to 250MM

  • Tube 50mm O/D x 20mm I/D to 600mm O/D x 570mm I/D

  • Plate 10mm to 100mm

A list of the most common Sizes etc that are readily available as standard items can be down loaded here

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